Yay March is here, spring is coming and we are just some couple of days away from the moment when the town will be painted green(literally).

To be honest I have mixed feelings about Saint Patrick’s Day. I like to see people happy and celebrating, but you know when they’re too many that you can’t find a place in a pub… it’s quite difficult to really enjoy the celebration. Or maybe I’m just getting old!

So if you like big crowds that means you’ll love the Saint Patrick’s Day events, but if you don’t please plan to visit Dublin on a different time because you’ll not be able to see how it truly is .

Some friendly advices (you can ignore them ):

  • if you want to get a really good spot to see the parade, go there very early . Last year we went around 11 and as you can see from the picture we didn’t have the best spot.
  • bring some snacks with you for the time you’ll be waiting but also for after the parade. Just imagine how crazy it’ll be as loads of hungry people will try to find a place where to eat(the organizers estimate that will be around 750.000 people)
  • don’t spend your money on expensive green hats or flags from the gift shops, you’ll use them just one day and you can find cheapest ones in Eurogiant(or similar stores) .
  • this one is very important and you have to remember it: it’s Paddy’s Day and not Patty’s Day.
  • I’ll post some useful links at the bottom of this post.

I’ll share with you  some pictures from last year’s parade, most of them have been taken by Vladimir as he is taller than me .

Find the best spot

2016-03-04 11.13.14 1

2016-03-04 11.13.16 1


2016-03-05 10.27.14 1

2016-03-04 11.15.49 1

2016-03-05 10.27.10 1


Enjoy the parade:

2016-03-04 11.15.35 1

2016-03-05 10.26.57 1

2016-03-05 10.27.06 1

2016-03-05 10.27.09 1

2016-03-05 10.26.59 1

2016-03-05 10.27.01 1

2016-03-04 11.15.31 1

2016-03-04 11.15.33 1

2016-03-04 11.15.37 1

2016-03-04 11.15.39 1

2016-03-04 11.15.45 1

2016-03-04 11.15.42 1

2016-03-04 11.15.47 1

2016-03-05 10.26.54 1

2016-03-05 10.26.56 1


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